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Melissa has decided to pull two all-nighters in a row. A sample of 101 of her brain cells was taken and it was found that on average they had screamed out in agony 5674.029435 times during finals week. From the data, the standard deviation was found to be 4763.00984389734. Determine the interval estimate of the population mean without using a calculator.

Found: Extremely Scary Fruit

Found: Strange large fruit, answers to the name "Conan," found in the bottom of a basket of pears in the dining hall, bizarrely heavy...could kill someone if you threw it at them, appears to be a pear/eggplant hybrid.

It's not ripe yet...it will be interesting to see how it tastes...
I hate Itunes for deleting my beloved library that managed songs based on my own behavior RIP

Tip of the day: backup your library!!!!!!!!!

Sep. 22nd, 2006

I'm a nerdCollapse )

Also, mad props to Weird Al for a song I can really identify with. It has all my favorite things: The Gap, ping-pong, web design, badmington, renfairs, and even the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Weird Consumer Econ

Five Star Flex

It was the last one of the shelf and being an organization junkie, I bought it despite the $9.99 price tag. Wondering why it was the last one, I looked it up on Ebay. Surprise! Supply did not meet demand, so it went from selling for $15.00 on the 19th to $51.00 on the 29th! Looks like the Ebay price has gone down since that peak though, now it is selling for $45.00. Stupidly I took the tags off mine, but I like it too much to sell. The rings are slightly annoying, but I love how compact it is and the fact I can fold it over like a notebook. The inserts are spiffy too. However, it is not worth $51.00. Ebay people are insane.

Weird Lists: Things that make me cry

Purcell's Dido & Aeneas
Wagner's Lohengrin
Puccinis' Madama Butterfly
Tale of Two Cities
Anna Karenina
Cyrano De Bergerac
Norman MacLean's Young Men and Fire
A great deal of LOTR
Swan Lake
Vaughan William's Dives and Lazarus

Exciting news!

Do you like cats? Fan fiction? Spending more time with books than people? Pretending you and your cats live in a magical kingdom of swans and elves?

Then you probably like Loreena Mckennitt. So it's good she is finally coming out with a new album! Nerd women of the world rejoice!

Aug. 10th, 2006

Do something useful with your time
Snakes on a Plane Phone Messages!

hahaha my sister, father, and mother have already become victims.

Aug. 4th, 2006

Willpower is best used with care

...a group of hungry volunteers who were left alone in a room containing both a tempting platter of freshly baked chocolate chip biscuits and a plate piled high with radishes. Some of the volunteers were asked to sample only the radishes. These peckish volunteers manfully resisted the temptation of the biscuits and ate the prescribed number of radishes. Other, more fortunate, volunteers were asked to sample the biscuits.

In the next, supposedly unrelated, part of the experiment, the volunteers were asked to try to solve a difficult puzzle. The researchers weren't interested in whether the volunteers solved it. (In fact, it was insoluble.) Rather, they wanted to know how long the volunteers would persist with it. Their self-control already depleted, volunteers forced to snack on radishes persisted for less than half as long as people who had eaten the biscuits or (in case you should think chocolate biscuits offer inner strength) other volunteers who had skipped the eating part of the experiment.

Ugh...radishes. I would have never been able to participate in that experiment. But it's a good excuse for the fact I ate a whole bag of York Pattermint patties and didn't exercise for a week during the lead up to intermicroeconomic hell.